Power Loss Protection SSD

Protect your data 100% security in case of sudden power loss

The RECADATA I6 Series SSD is specially equipped with industrial-grade Tantalum Capacitors Array and the power-off detection circuit based, to fulfill a bigger capacitance, so as to provide enough power and sufficient time to ensure that all data will be written back to the NAND from DDR in case of any sudden power-off in extreme environments.

This industrial-grade Power Fail Protection design provides an added level of security that valuable data is well protected against data corruption by sudden power loss.

Power fail protection circuit

Early Warning Mechanism

Power fail protection circuit detects the voltage and sends a “Early warning” signal to ASIC controller if there is an imminent drop in the power level.

Triggered by this, a secondary voltage hold-up circuit is implemented to provide enough energy for the SSD firmware to move the data from the transfer buffer and other temporary buffers to the NAND whenever that warning is received.

Tantalum Capacitors Array

Equipped with Tantalum Capacitors Array, this is different from a super capacitor-based solution and offers several advantages

Wide Temperature

-40~+85℃ range, providing a wider operating range for industrial and military applications.

Bigger Capacitance

Provide enough power and sufficient time to written all data to the NAND from DDR

No Liquid Leakage

Tantalum capacitor can last for decades and have a high volumetric efficiency.

Inrush Current Protection

Avoiding short-circuits due to charging of input capacitors.
Power Failure Protection

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